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A righteous man has regard for the life of his animals, but even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.   Proverbs 12:10

Why we Fly to rescue

James Bond
James & Denise
Miss Daisy
Mike Young
Puppy Plane

Our Story

“Hi, I’m James Bond (yes, that’s my real name!) and I came here from Poland in 2001 to have a better life.  I met and married Denise.

I also fell in love with dogs when I met Maggie, Denise’s beautiful Shepphard mix.”

James and Denise are a truck driving husband and wife team and Maggie was always with them. Unfortunately, Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March of 2017.  Recently they adopted a puppy Papillon and named her Daisy.  Now they’re driving Miss Daisy everywhere they go!

Miss Daisy is adorable and happy to travel with them, all across the country.   

When they are not on the road, James and Denise like to take short flights in James’s other love – his plane! 

When James got his plane he joined a Facebook group for local pilots and discovered the joys of volunteering for puppy rescues.  This group was gathering volunteers and setting up puppy rescue flights, mostly to Alabama.  James immediately saw the value in volunteering his time to go rescue these puppies.  He knew it would be a good thing!

Having done several rescues now, James and Denise were inspired to start a non-profit to help cover operations and expenses through donations.  They want to be able to help save as many puppies as possible. 

But there’s more to this Life Rescue Ministry – James and Denise are also dedicated to rescuing people!  Yes, they will volunteer their time and skills to rescue people and/or bring in supplies in emergency and disaster situations.

Mike young

Mike Young, a pilot, actually started the puppy rescue over 11 years ago and has rescued upwards of 10,000 puppies just on his own.

From that he created the Facebook group where people can go to volunteer their services to help with the puppies when they arrive back in Florida.

James found Mike in a pilot group on FB that he advertised in looking for other pilots who had their own planes and who were willing to donate their time to go rescue these puppies.

Usually, the planes leave out of Apopka, Florida, and fly to Enterprise, Alabama and back.


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